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The KRAZY Queue - An Unusual Amalgam of Music

No Fees - No Commercials - Just Music 

  • We blend songs from across the decades. 
  • Jumble hits, mid-charters and deep album cuts.
  • Intermingle genres such as: standards, rock, pop, alternative, electronica...
  • The music is shuffled resulting in an eclectic and sometimes crazy blend.

Featuring KRAZY Queue Revues - songs grouped by title, topic, or suggestions from our contributors. 


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We've launched a new website!  www.krazyqueue.com!

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Every Tuesday during January -

"Tull Tuesday Afternoon"

Starting 3P ET - through 7P ET - (12N-4P PT)

At the top of each hour we'll feature Tull tunes, or tunes from Ian's and Martin's solo albums.



Text to: 1-310-864-8055